What’s Your Dog’s Pawsonality?

Every dog is a unique, amazing, and complex individual. To help identify the types of playmates your pup loves most, we’ve made a Pawsonality Guide for play styles. Your dog probably fits more than one category, but likely has an overarching “barketype” that best suits them. Which one would your pup choose?

The Wrestler

“Love is a contact sport!”

The Wrestler is frenly and physical, and loves to roll around in ruff ‘n tumble play with their frens. Their energy and love for primal puppy play builds camaraderie with dogs who enjoy the same kind of play style.

Be sure to keep an eye on playmates’ body language— not all dogs love playing bitey face.

The Olympian

A natural athlete, the Olympian is energetic and strong, and loves to run, fetch and chase! Some Olympians enjoy competing and playing with other dog frens, while others prefer to play with their trusted humans.

Olympians are eager to learn and play new games outdoors, and many of them love agility courses and swimming in addition to frisbee and fetch.

The Pal

The Pal is frenly and mellow, and loves socializing without the ruff stuff. Pals typically do well with making frens at the dog park who can respect their boundaries. Be sure to watch their body language for cues to make sure potential playmates are the right frenly fit.

The Couch Pawtato

The Couch Pawtato is independent and mellow. They love marathon napping, gentle company, and taking it slow. Curl up with your cute pup and loaf the afternoon away while basking in their pool of cuddly love.

The Guardian

The Guardian is cautious and reserved, and needs time to build trust before making frens. They prefer spending time with their favorite humans instead of socializing with crowds at the dog park, and that’s ok! The Guardian’s trusted companions know how special it is to be among their chosen few.

The Explorer

“Life is a grand adventure and I want to sniff it all!”

The Explorer may be playful or reserved. They’d prefer a long walk, hike, or adventure full of sniffs instead of a traditional play session with a group of frens.

The Wallflower

The Wallflower is independent and reserved. They’d prefer to play alone or with a trusted fren and feel overwhelmed in a busy dog park. When introducing new frens, it’s important to take it slow and follow your dog’s cues to make sure they feel safe and secure.

Thinking of introducing a new dog fren?

A great way to test the compatibility of potential playmates is for their humans to take them on a couple of walks together before throwing a ball or frisbee around the park. Some dogs struggle with resource guarding around toys and treats, so be sure to take it slow with introductions and give your pups time and space to establish trust.

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